Saturday, October 11, 2014


Hey everyone! Halloween is approaching, so I made this Frankenowl card.

The cut is from

I used Recollections paper for the cut itself (this is my go-to for cuts!).

Enamel dots are also Recollections. 

Recollections products are purchased at Michael's craft stores. 

I used a white gelly roll pen for accent lines around the owl and for the white reflection dots in the eyes

This one is pretty simple and straight forward. 

The background is just three different patterned papers that I used to spruce it up a bit.

Any questions? Let me know!



  1. Two questions...
    Have you ever mailed a card with the enamel dots from Michaels? I don't live near family and have to mail their cards. I was wondering how well these would hold up in the mail.

    Also, I made my own enamel dots using beads. What adhesive do you think is best to put on these home-made "enamel dots"? I don't think I'd mail these, just use for local friends.

    Amanda R.

    1. Hi Amanda! I have mailed cards using the Recollections dots and they hold up pretty well, and I've never had an issue. I've made my own enamel dots from beads too and I've actually used a hot glue gun to secure them. Just a tiny dot of hot glue, and pushed the bead down on it pretty hard. You could do the same for an adhesive enamel dot if you didn't trust it!